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CodeBreaker 1.0.2

Software - Games
CAN YOU BREAK THE CODE??? "CodeBreaker is a fun addictive game for all ages!" Price: $2.99

Requirements: Tested On Pocket Pc 2002

"CodeBreaker is a fun addictive game for all ages!"

The point of the game is to break the secret code. You start by guessing at the first digit, and if you get the first digit right then you continue to the guess the next digit. If you get it wrong you start over from the beginning. The first code you have to break is only 2 digits long, but each time you break a code, you move up a level where the new code will be longer then the last. It might sound pretty easy but there's a catch, you only have 1 minute to break each code!!!

So you think you can break all the codes, well download it and try!